Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Now accepting CareCredit!

Greenwood Animal Hospital is now accepting CareCredit, so if you have a CareCredit card, you would be able to use it over your next visit to the vet! Visit their website for information and details to apply.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grand Opening Discount

Grand opening discount has expired (as of Jan. 29, 2010) -- however, it is still available to those who still have the coupon. The coupon included a FREE EXAM and 25% OFF the Total. The 25% OFF would not include costs of Medicines. But you are still able to receive 25% of everything if you still have the coupon!
Call for more info!

Microchips Work!

Check this is out, a cat named Clyde has been reunited with his owner after a mysterious three-year odyssey in which the long-haired Himalayan strayed 2,400 miles into the Australian outback.

Ashleigh Sullivan, 19, said she had given up hope of finding Clyde after he vanished aged one from her family home near Hobart city, Tasmania.

"I'm positive he remembers. He's not acting like he's suddenly appeared somewhere and is frantic," Sullivan said as she tearfully held her contented cat.

A nurse found Clyde wandering at a hospital in the remote Queensland state town of Cloncurry and cared for him for four months before taking him to a local vet as she was leaving town and could not take him with her.

The vet, Donna Weber, traced Clyde's owner from his identification microchip.

But no one has a clue how Clyde managed the 185-mile journey across the Bass strait from Tasmania, off mainland Australia's south-east coast, and then about more than 2,000 miles further to Cloncurry.

An animal transport company returned the cat to Hobart for free – flying most of the way.

"It's pretty special to have him back." Sullivan said. "I'm overwhelmed."

Welcome to GAH!!

First post, YAY!
Well, welcome to Greenwood Animal Hospital blogger. This blog site will be used to post pet news and helpful links, as well as a live update of current discounts!
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